Tell Your Prez To Stop Renting Planes Before Asking Us To Cut Expenditure - Adongo To Kwaku Kwarteng


NDC Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central, Isaac Adongo, has asked his colleague in the August House, the NPP MP for Obuasi West, Kweku Kwarteng, to channel his advise to cut expenditure to the Executive arm of his government.

According to him, if the NPP MP is able to convince President Nana Akufo-Addo to stop renting luxurious private jets for his official and unofficial visits to save the country some money then parliament can be asked to do same.

Speaking on Okay FM's 'Ade Akye Abia' Programme, Isaac Adongo, who is also a member of the finance committee of parliament, expalined that he was a little bit confused as to why the Chairman of the Finance committee will try to blame the excessive use of public funds on other state institutions than his own government, especially the president who have decided to travel in comfort and grandeur at the expense of the poor tax payer.

"The economy is crumbling under the NPP government. Expenditure over the years is way over board and they have not been able to give a proper account of how much has been appropriated. Parliament over the years has approved far more in excesses of millions of Ghana cedis for the government and they have squandered it without even coming to parliament to give proper account of how those monies were spent".

"Look at the presidential travels alone, those monies spent could have been used to provide more infrastructure for some schools in my constituency and the country at large, so if you think there is so much spending going on in other state institutions and you feel that should be reduced, I think you should inform your president first," he noted.

Touching on the budget, he said as much as 103% of the country’s tax revenue is currently used to service interest on loans, a situation that does not augur well for development.

“Right now as a country, we have come to a point where we can no longer manage the narrative but manage the economy. There are problems with the wage bill which has now become the number two most significant item of expenditure.”

State Institutions Must Cut Expenditure - Kwaku Kwarteng

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Kwaku Kwarteng, earlier this week, urged state institutions to cut spending on unnecessary expenditure to save the government purse.

He says the strength of the economy depends heavily on government's expenditure especially the state institutions who normally over spend their budget.

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