Wutah Afriyie and Wutah Kobby, former members of defunct music group Wutah are literally at each other's throat over which of them really caused the group's split.

The duo, made up of Daniel Morris (Risky or Wutah Kobby) and Frank Osei (Papa Virus or PV), parted ways in 2010 after working together for about five years.

They have since been working on their individual projects.

However they reunited in 2017 and split again early 2019.

In an interview on Hitz fm, Afriyie denied claims that he caused the split of the group the first time.

According to him, he only got to know the group has split through a newspaper publication about Kobby’s CD release.

But in a reaction Kobby described Afriyie's claims as “total lie.”

“We had a meeting and he told me point blank that he doesn't want to have anything to do with me. The group is over,” Wutah Kobby told Andy Dosty on Wednesday morning.

According to Kobby, the two times they broke up as a group they had a meeting about it.

It is therefore not true that Afriyie was surprised by a certain newspaper publication. “It was a hundred percent lie,” he indicated.