Mr. Edwin Provencal, The Managing Director for Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Limited (BOST) has called on men to desist from assaulting women or their partners but rather treat them with all the love that they deserve. 

Speaking at the ceremony to support the Community Radio Kejetia   the IT expert  advised the public to avoid losing  temper and treat females like what he called ‘’our mothers and sisters’’  

‘’We shouldn’t underrate the danger of Covid-19’, he cautioned before receiving the humanity magazine  dedicated for his effort for setting up the  structures for BOST to  transform, which includes boosting the spirit of stakeholders  in a manner to develop and maintain the trust among firms in the energy industry . 

The Radio Kejetia is a community based media house which aims at promoting girls rights and women advancement in Ghana   .

The radio among other things would advocate and educate market women   on important social topics such as health including breast cancer, counseling and education on teenage, HIV awareness and prevention.




 The medium would sensitized the importance for women to channel all their resources to the proper upbringing of their children than expending their monies on their partners or frivolous things, As the most important priority of every woman since that is a positive step to guaranteeing the welfare of the children and mothers in their old age.


 With the growing trend of abuse of women in Ghana, the radio would promote educative programs on how to report and prevent all forms of abuse like rape including anti-human trafficking campaign.   

 POLITICS: The radio would serve as a supportive mouthpiece for women who want to advance into politics especially Member of Parliament not to be intimidated by family or culture barriers.    TRADING AND ADVOCACY AGAINST FIRE OUTBREAKS AT KEJETIA

The radio, located    at the center of the market, foremost trading hub in the Kumasi metropolis would share beneficial trading tips to traders and customers including advocacy against fire outbreak at the market which has been a challenge for traders.

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