Sad moment young man got electrocuted to death while trying to save bird caught on high tension electric pole [Video]

A young man who decided to save a bird caught on a high tension pole was sadly electrocuted to death.

Per the video, this man failed to adhere to the safety measures electricians employ in their work whenever they climb such poles.

Holding what looks like a stick and trying so hard to save the bird, the high tension wires gave a spark and immediately he got electrocuted.

The severity of the shock immediately paralyzed his entire body. Thereafter, he came down with a huge bang with the bird also accompanying him. People rushed to his rescue but soon realized he had passed on.

Why will you attempt to save a bird by climbing a high tension electric pole with a stick and no safety apparel? That is the question on the minds of many who have come into contact with the video.

Check Out Video Below

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