The senior partner for KPMG Ghana has called on men to desist from assaulting women or their partners but rather treat them with love and care

Speaking on the father’s day, the renowned accountant advised the public to avoid losing  temper and treat females like what he called ‘’our mothers and sisters’’  

The campaign to end domestic violence in Ghana, saw KPMG, Extending a support to Bridgewater project, which provides future and welfare to disadvantaged girls and women through education and training,advocacy,protection and research 

Mr. Yahaya Alhassan,the founder of Kunata Voluntary Organisation ,the NGO that operates the Bridgewater expressed his concern for the growing trend of domestic violence ,saying ’Ghana is currently reeling and trending on the prevalent cases of domestic violence. Not to mention  The pain and financial difficulties of paying for the cost of medical diagnosis at a public hospital, charged by a  public medical officer  before issuing  a  report for a visible impaired victim prevents the assaulted from pursuing for justice’’

He called on the public to avoid all forms of abuse against the vulnerable particularly women and children.

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