Eastern Media always want to see us eat from the gutters — Koo Ntakra

 The Akuapem rapper Koo Ntakra, in an interview, has thrown shots at the media in Eastern Region for always discrediting their own.

Speaking with Abena Ampofo on Radio 1, he said the media in Eastern Region never support their own but rather pull them down.

Touching on his newly released song he said he wishes the media can support and push his song just as they do for people who are not from the region.

"The media in Eastern Region never support their own, we see how they support other people when they come here to promote their song how they give it much airplay but not their own.

"Once they see you eat from the gutters they want to always see you eat from there, but we will never let that break us down, we will push for the better," he added.

Koo Ntakra is currently promoting his latest released song 'Kofcity Boys' in which he featured most of the Eastern base artists.

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